I am now using Google’s blogger system, and I’m parsing it into my web site. What does that mean to you? Well if you’re on the website, old posts are going to look funny. I wanted to provide an archive, but I didn’t want to support the old method any longer so I just copy and pasted old posts into new posts on blogger, dated, well yesterday since it is now 30 seconds past midnight. If you’re using an agregator such as the wonderful Bloglines you will have needed to change your links (but you already knew that, or else how did you get here?)

Yes, I liked the challenge of writing my own RSS editor, but when Google came out with a dashboard widget to post to their blog so simply… I couldn’t resist. Plus this way I can link back to blogger and get the ability for people to comment on posts, legitimate dates and gaurenteed validation in the xml. This is what we in the computer industry call “code reuse”. Why re-write it when you can use someone else’s service for free?

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