moved, again!

Feb 26, 2006++++++When I left Boulder, I went to U-Haul online and saw that I could rent a truck, and tow my car behind it. I reserved it all with one easy click and I figured that would be all. Moving day comes along, I show up at the rental place and they say, “well we have your tow hitch, but no truck. Your truck is up the diagonal.” So I wasted precious packing time to drive up, get my truck, drive back to the hitch place, and the lights are broken so I have to come back that afternoon. Two weeks later I’m using U-Haul again, because it’s an in town move, no hitch and they can’t POSSIBLY screw it up again. I bring my credit card, driver’s license and proof of insurance just as they ask but “nooooo we can’t rent a truck to someone with an out of state drivers license. You could call someone who lives here and verify you live here.” Okay… Ryan’s cell number is 303- “Wait no, it has to be a local number.” Uh great, the only local numbers I know are office numbers and it’s Sunday. Well thanks to my fabulous buddy Ryan, who offered to put the whole thing on his credit card and rent the truck himself (he has a California drivers license) we were able to finally get the truck and move everything up the 3 floors to my new home.

Other than that, life has been pretty good. I played volleyball on Friday with some work people and last night I bought X-Files season 1 and built a new bookshelf/plant stand thing. Next I need to find a couch and finish unpacking and I can finally have some people over.

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