Big News!

Jan 18, 2006++++++For those of you who do not know, I’ve been offered a job at Apple. w00t! Now, I’ll have to find out where I fit in a state which is governed by the Terminator, where people describe where they live as time from something rather than distances to; and a half million dollar property is a “fixer-upper”. But while the transition will be hard for me, it’s always harder for those left behind. I should know, I’ve been in Boulder all my life and I’ve seen more than a couple friends move away. Well my thoughts and prayers will be with you and I would love to hear from you, for any reason. Stay tuned, party eminent 🙂


Dec 21, 2005++++++What is Success? When I was little my parents played volleyball at the South Boulder Rec center and there were frequently college aged friends playing volleyball, drinking beer and playing cool music on the radio. I never realized how much I wanted that until this summer when it occurred to me that I had become those young adults, and it’s an incredible feeling to recognize your own success. It was a real eye opener to me when it happened, and it was then that I noticed young kids building castles in the sand, watching us play.

When I was a little older, going to school and dreading every homework assignment, I really wanted to be done with school. I looked at all those grownups who went off to work and I thought it would be so great to be done with school so I could work. This past summer, I again realized that my goal was met and unlike those sob stories of people who realized they hated work more than school, it was actually great. Sure the job was stressful, but evenings and weekends were spent outside, or programming or vegging out in front of a DVD.

When I started college, I had no car, a terrible job at Target and had to share a bathroom with 40 other guys on my floor. I decided that a metric for my success would be never needing a room mate after I graduated. I actually reached that a little early, I now have a one bedroom apartment of my own and a car as well.

Now I’m looking at career stuff, and I’m trying to decide how it all fits. Do I head West to work in Silicon Valley with an impressive company and bragging rights galore? Do I stay here where I can still hike far enough from town that I can forget civilization for a while, and be back in time to meet my girlfriend for lunch? I’ve also been going to school for 16.5 years, should I travel a bit before deciding to stay in one spot for the next 3-5 years? Everyone I know pushing me to be successful, when is anyone going to tell me exactly what that is?

Bad Sony!

Dec 1, 2005++++++Haven’t blogged in a while, I keep thinking I’m going to update my blogging software but alas… has not happened. Instead you get this:

For those of you who haven’t heard, Sony put software on CDs designed to stop you from copying them. That’s not bad, it’s their right but it’s your right not to use it as long as you know about it. What was bad, is that they created software that creates a huge security hole in your computer, uses other people’s software without permission and makes it impossible to remove. Let’s be clear that as a libertarian, I do not support any sort of government regulation on this and many other matters, but I believe free markets can regulate companies by selectively boycotting them if they screw up. So if you were thinking about buying a Sony/BMG CD this season, think twice and they’ll soon get the message.

Finals coming

Dec 7, 2005++++++Finals are coming, and I’m pretty excited. No I don’t have a sadistic facination with 2.5 hour tests. No, I don’t enjoy waking up early for a 7:30AM test ON SATURDAY and then going back to school ON SATURDAY for a 7:30PM final. I’m more excited for what happens after that. Nothing. I graduate and I have the first real “free-time” since Highschool. W00t go me.

October 24

Oct. 24, 2005++++++So on top of everything going on last week, my grandmother passed away and the funeral was this weekend. The thing that got me choked up wasn’t how sad her passing was, but the number of people who have been there for myself, my mother, my grandfather and the rest of our family. I truely appreciate everyone who has been concerned, or offered a hug during this last week. I know my grandma would have done the same, so it’s nice knowing that there are other people in the world as kind as she was.

Job applications

Nov. 3, 2005++++++Horray for job searching! I feel productive, yet stressed out at the same time. If you are visiting for the first time and looking for work samples, I recommend you follow these links:

My Pirate Bulletin Board Coded in PHP and MySQL from scratch. Images done in photoshop, borrowed (academic fair use!) from Disney.

Terminal emulator A flash project to test the power of actionscript.

Flash animation Just weird animated stuff, representing the theme “Patterns”

iDental My senior project. This is not a web based project, but you can see the icons I made in illustrator on this page. It is a OS X native application for chairside dental charting on a Mac. There’s more, which I’ll probably link up here when I think of it.