Internet jargon: LOL meaning “Lots of Laughs” or “Laugh Out Loud” is the same as saying, “I acknowledge that you have made a joke but I found it utterly boring to the point of offense. If you continue speaking to me I will rip out my ears and eat them. Furthermore, I will close the chat window or browser page which delivered the articulation of your offensive buffoonery and discontinue further textual exchanges with you. I am sure that this intervention of communication will be more insulting than the bit about me eating my ears off.”

Also, I’ve been thinking about posting my current favorite music, because I have pretty good taste in music (I think.) This post is brought to you by Travis – Last Train. It’s a good song, by a good band. Mix in moderation with a lonely evening for best results.


  1. Speaking of your music taste…the other night Trevor comes running up the stairs and says “Sarah! I’ve just found this amazing band! They are icelandic and are called Sigur Rós…” and I said “Yeah, I’ve heard them… a Troy-band…” Just thought I’d share…



  2. Haha 🙂I’m guessing he’s heard Takk, their newest album which is quite good. If he likes that you should suggest Kent, a Swedish band. The best album is Du & Jag Döden, meaning “You and Me, Death”. M83(french) is an excellent band too if you’re going for unintelligible lyrics and heavy guitar or I always recommend Misnomer because they sent me a free album on CD after they found their music on my computer when they were small during the Napster days. I think they’re from the UK somewhere but I’m not sure.



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