I had 3 visitors this week, and it was fun having Jessie, Tab and Janet in town. I can’t say it was a little cramped in my apartment. Now it’s just me, and I’m watching King Kong. I much prefer the original, although if I can separate myself from the way the story should be this one is okay too. Where the first on had a tag line “‘Twas beatufy that slew the beast” this one should be, “It was chivalry that slew the heart of the bitch” Because this one has been updated to portray a modern, independent woman who falls in love with Kong. Good flick overall, it’s just too bad the film borrows on so many of the good points of the original without following the best aspects of it. Let’s see if they can end it right 🙂

Anyway, other stuff about this week. I took the day off on Wednesday and went camping Tuessday night at Half Moon bay. That was a lot of fun, although I prefer a more planned trip. (i.e. spontaneity is fine as long as I can trust that everyone going understands camping well enough to bring what they need) We also got to go up to the City last weekend and it’s the first time I didn’t feel like such a tourist while there. This weekend we went to San Jose for a Jazz festival and that was fun as well.

Tomorrow’s back to live as usual, so I’m going to watch the rest of this movie and head to bed. Good night all!

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  1. cool cool dude! im glad youre getting to relax… thats nice. sorry camping wasnt better planned, i think i had it planned but i didnt communicate it overly well to everyone else, lol… ah well, i think it would pretty well to camp with just me and you or some other people, rather than our sisters… anyways, love you much! :-*



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