The election is over but I still want to keep campaigning. I nominate this as the best quote from Barack’s speech.

“This victory alone is not the change we seek–it is only the chance for us to make that change.”

McCain also had a very nice speech. But it was absolutely ruined by his supporters, booing whenever Barack was mentioned. You stay classy, Arizona.


Winner 2008: YouTube!

There have been some fantastic videos this year. On election night (since I already voted!) I will be kicking back, watching the election coverage and re-visiting some of my favorite videos this year. You know what? Forget that. It’s election-eve, I’m gonna do it now.

I’m not going to embed these since you loose the full-screen button.

Palin vs. McCain debate
Synchronized Debates
Wassup beer commercial parody I didn’t like the original and I didn’t think I’d like the parody, but this really packs a lot of current events into one package.
McCain’s QVC infomercial
Yes we can The video that got me interested in Obama.
Palin rock You may have to sign in to enjoy this one 🙂
3 anti-Prop 8 ads in that endearing Mac style
The vet who did not vet
Just neat Obama video
Will Ferrell as President Bush
The hilarious presidential roast
Colin Powell endorses Obama
Another cool video
Explaining the economic crisis
A message from Sarah Palin
Lil O’Reilly
Money as debt
The great schlep
Disney presents: Sarah Palin movie
Backwards candidate