Sort Email by Automator + AppleScript

I made this to help with the crush of email. Why not implement sort rules? Well then the messages don’t hit my inbox and I never see them. This way, I read messages, select all, and run this script from the Scripts menu bar which you can enable from This is for Apple’s This script is not fast, maybe there’s a better way to do it, but I just run it and leave after reading my messages.

Note: It’s less important now with a TouchBar Mac because the automatic sort button is awesome. I’m putting this out there so it can be an example of how to automate Mail.

  1. open Automator
  2. create a new Script
  3. add Get Selected Mail Messages
  4. add Run AppleScript
  5. Paste in something like this:
-- Post-process Mail messages
-- By Troy Koelling, 2013

-- This script requires creating a plist (the location of which is defined below)

-- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
-- <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> 
-- <plist version="1.0"> 
--   <array> 
--     <dict> 
--       <key>subject_search</key> 
--       <string>Subject of Email to filter</string> 
--       <key>mailbox_key</key> 
--       <string>MailboxName to put it in</string> 
--     </dict> 
--   </array> 
-- </plist> 
-- Every rule must have a mailbox_key and one of these:
--     recipient_search
--     subject_search
--     sender_search

on run {input, parameters}
	-- Edit this path (or see below for an inline solution without dependent files)
	set shared_rules_path to "~/Dropbox/Scripts/MailRules.plist"
	-- Edit this account name to match the account you have in mail. It is possible to add account_key: to the my_rules instead, if you want to route things per rule but this is not tested.
	set account_key_global to "Apple"
	-- Edit this list of rules and un-comment, or implement the above plist solution
	-- set my_rules to {¬
	-- 	{subject_search:"Discover Card", mailbox_key:"Bills"}, ¬
	-- 	{recipient_search:"cocoa-dev", mailbox_key:"Cocoa"}, ¬
	-- 	{sender_search:"brooksreview", mailbox_key:"Very Important"} ¬
	-- 		}
	-- Dropbox solution
	tell application "System Events"
		set rules_p_list to property list file (shared_rules_path)
		set my_rules to value of rules_p_list
	end tell
	-- Loop through the input messages
	repeat with the_message in input
		tell application "Mail"
			-- First, get some information from the message that will be checked against each rule
			set subject_line to subject of the_message as string
			set sender_line to sender of the_message as string
			-- check the recipient list by building a long string to search through
			set recipient_line to ""
			repeat with to_recipient in to recipients of the_message
				set recipient_line to recipient_line & address of to_recipient as string
			end repeat
			-- loop also through the cc recipients	
			repeat with to_recipient in cc recipients of the_message
				set recipient_line to recipient_line & address of to_recipient as string
			end repeat
			repeat with a_rule in my_rules
				-- Fill in our search strings based on the current rule (and some defaults)
				set a_account to account_key of (a_rule & {account_key:account_key_global})
				set a_mailbox_name to mailbox_key of a_rule
				set a_subject to subject_search of (a_rule & {subject_search:default})
				set a_recipient to recipient_search of (a_rule & {recipient_search:default})
				set a_sender to sender_search of (a_rule & {sender_search:default})
				-- This is the best way to get a nested mailbox
				set target_mailbox to (get 1st mailbox in account a_account whose name is a_mailbox_name)
				-- check the subject
				if subject_line contains a_subject then
					move the_message to target_mailbox
					exit repeat
				end if
				if sender_line contains a_sender then
					move the_message to target_mailbox
					exit repeat
				end if
				-- set recipient_line to to recipients of the_message as string
				if recipient_line contains a_recipient then
					move the_message to target_mailbox
					exit repeat
				end if
			end repeat -- over rules in my_rules
		end tell -- application "Mail"
	end repeat -- over messages in input
end run

Regaining my identity

I haven’t posted in a while.

There are a few reasons: busy at work, busy as a new dad, busy as a second time dad, new house, new yard in the house, primary cook for the family, really epic Minecraft worlds, commuting with one car for the whole family…

I like doing those things, but they are not what define me. I’ve decided as the new year begins that I need to figure out who I am and what I like doing. I resist saying it’s a mid-life crisis, but I’m technically middle age and I feel stuck, so yeah maybe it is.

I watched a video of some guy getting a tattoo and although I’d never get one myself, I started thinking about all the cool symbolism I’d put in mine. Then I wondered what I’d do if I were honest? So here it is. Can you guess the elements? Scroll down to check!

On to of everything, work. Even that has lost its shiny brand and its just a computer. In the periphery are my hobbies, Audible books and Minecraft. Cutting right through everything are the symbols of my role as father: household cook and poopsmith. Yes sometimes you need a shovel to clean up the crap.