Island by Aldous Huxley

I just finished Island by Aldous Huxley. The performance was great and the author had some great one liners, which is probably why I recognised the name. But I didn’t enjoy the book.

It was very peachy. Every single thing Will Farnaby did was in the employ of telling why their world was so great, how they solved some problem, or don’t succumb to some vice. It was exactly the same book as Atlas Shrugged, except for left-leaning politics. At least this one had a reader who didn’t pour his soul into every single word, coining for me the definition of overwrought.

The end was worth reading if only because Will takes mushrooms and the author was free to be flowery without the confines of plot. That was supposed to be a compliment because it did end on a high note but it that doesn’t sound one, you probably should not read this book.

I didn’t want to go so long between posts, and certainly not to return on a sour note but I just have to push myself to write and this is the break from reading plus motivation I’ve got. Looking back at my audible history, I’ve had a lot of mediocre books lately so I guess this one was just slightly more inspirational to write about.

– The fifth season by N. K. Jemisin (middling fantasy, maybe good if you like magic and earthquakes, I will not continue series)

– I am legend by Richard Matheson (zombies. I never saw the movie but could see how it might be fun. To much racisism undertone)

– West Cork by Sam Burgandy and Jennifer Forde (actually pretty interesting. I got this Audible original for free)

– Ilium and Olympus by Dan Simmons (above average SciFi making it a disappointment for Dan Simmons. I loved the Hyperion trilogy and Song of Kali)

– Rainbows End – Vernor Vinge (another below-average SciFi trying too hard to be the matrix but coming off as random)