I’m going to Panama!

I just bought tickets to Panama! I’m super excited, and that brings me one step closer to fulfilling my new years goals. I’ll be gone for 16 days, which is the longest amount of time of not working since my senior year in high school. Now I need to brush up on spanish, find a digital camera, and dream about beaches. Email me your address if you want a post card!

Russian Party

Last Memorial day I went to Tanya’s Mom’s birthday. It was really good, there was so much food. Every time I finished something, someone offered (or simply spooned onto my plate) something new I had never seen before. Caviar, soup made with gelatin so it’s eaten like pie, stuffed fish, hand picked mushrooms, Russian salad, spiced chicken, duck liver, and so much more I can’t even describe the ingredients but it was delicious.

After an hour of eating I was getting pretty full and I told Tanya it was about time I slowed down to save room for cake. She asked me, “What about the ‘0Hot meal’?” Yes, we had been eating for an hour and there was a whole ‘nother meal coming. And then fruit. And then Desert. And then Cake. And all throughout, wine and vodka. There were 30+ people present who ate more than any Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever seen and yet there was still plate upon plate of leftovers. People sang, gave toasts, performed acrobatics and I understood none of it but enjoyed it none the less.

Russian’s know how to party.