Well it happened again, I haven’t kept up with blogging. I feel stuck because I can’t create a new post until the old ones are out of my system and the old ones are old. I currently have drafts for 3 posts in my box, and no desire to complete them. But Jen called me out on it this weekend, so I’ll quickly sum up and then be done with it. Maybe I’ll even be better about blogging 😀

1. WWDC happened. It was a lot of work, and I once again presented to a room of over 300 ravenous Quartz Composer developers. I did much better this year too, which is awesome. I also spent some good quality time with Ryan and Jay getting sloshed at the edge of a Hobson’s Choice punch bowl.

2. immediately following the daily commute to San Francisco for WWDC, I flew out to NY for some well earned vacation and a visit to my sister, Tabitha. I wasn’t sure if I could handle another week of city life, I was kinda sick of San Francisco and last time I visited NY it was oppressive feeling. But I walked, A LOT, and really felt free this time. It was great not to have to drive or even ride in a car for a whole week.

3. I took another vacation to Colorado this past weekend, the 14th of August. My wonderful friends Lily and Andrew were tying the knot (quite literally) and it was a big reunion of some pretty awesome people who have scattered to the wind.

That’s the update. Thank goodness that’s over now, so I can try updating more often.